Who are we?
i25s ApS is a Danish legal entity, which develops core technology within payment- and monetary systems, and sponsors the development of Tagion.

i25s ApS will create commercial offerings on top of the Tagion platform and provide these to end-consumers and businesses, with the purpose of furthering the adoption of the Tagion system and making sound business.
i25s ApS was founded by Theis Simonsen (CEO), Carten Rasmussen (CTO), and Kristian Vestergaard (CCO) with the purpose of sponsoring the development of a new global and independent monetary system, now known as Tagion. i25s has been funded mainly through investments from the founders and consultancy work within IT management, IT architecture, and software development.
For more information, visit tagion.org, the LinkedIn profiles of the three founders - Theis, Carsten, and Kristian - and the public Danish company registry: cvr.dk.
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